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After all, who doesn’t want to live in a stable and comfortable environment?

Park View City is a lively housing society project by Vision Group situated at the prime location of Islamabad’s zone IV. Park view city a housing society with the mantra “A Heaven on Earth,” has stepped forward to provide individuals with an ideal setting that will address all of the standards. Being one of the only residential societies in the area that have been granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Park view city is a a gated community with a 24-hour security system. In the midst of Islamabad’s natural greenery, the project is designed to match all international living standard

TheVision Group

Park View city by Vision Group has achieved unparalleled milestones in the area of Pakistani real estate, since its inception in 2002. Park View by Vision Group has grown from a beginner real estate player to a leading real estate power in just under a decade, and is now a trusted brand in the business. The vision group executed several successful projects with great finesse and architectural masterpieces in major cities of Pakistan. Following is the list of the unparalleled projects by Vision Group:

  1. PARK View ICON (I.I. Chundrigar road-Karachi)
  2. Park View City (Islamabad)
  3. Park View City (Lahore)
  4. Park View Corporate Centre (Mall road-Lahore)
  5. Park View Signature Apartments (Gulberg-Lahore)
  6. The National School
  7. Park view villas at Multan road-Lahore

The Finest location of Islamabad

Park view city’s unique location effectively isolates it from Islamabad’s fast-paced city while still allowing access to all of the city’s amenities. Park View City is beautifully placed adjacent Bahria Enclave, only 15 minutes from Serena Hotel Islamabad, 8 minutes from Bahria Enclave and Bani Gala, and a 1-minute walk from the lush green botanical Garden. It’s an 8-kilometer trip from Chak Shahzad through the Park Road and the Kuri Road, as well as the Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road.

Close By:

  • Poli clinic Islamabad  (5 Minute Drive) 
  • Botanical Garden,      (1 Minute Walk)
  • Bahria Enclave,         (8 Minutes Drive)
  • Bani Gala,                 (18 Minutes Drive)
  • Serena Hotel,            (15 Minutes Drive)

Park view city No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Being one of the only residential societies in the area that have been granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) . Investors can easily purchase their desired property because there are no legal concerns. Everything is being done legitimately, and the CDA requirements are being followed throughout the process. The CDA-described legislation and regulations for private housing developments are kept in mind. People’s investments are not only profitable but also secure.

Road access

The society is easily accessible via a 400 ft wide Main Boulevard from the main Islamabad Highway. In addition to this, you may also enter the society through Kurri Road via Kashmir Highway, lehtarar Road, and Bani Gala.

Park View City Total Land

The epitome of luxury and comfort this housing project spans on the vast land of approximately 1200 Kanal strategically divided into residential and commercial blocks alphabetically An extension block “J” has also been launched in the society by the management in the recent balloting event held at the premises of society. Blocks A, B, F, J and K consists of 5 Marla plots while 10-marla plots are offered in Blocks A, B, F, H and I.  1-Kanal plots are available in Blocks B, C, E, F, N and M and Blocks D and P offer 2-Kanal plots in the society.

Park View City Master Plan

The Master plan of Park View is can be viewed from the following map in which you will be able to easily locate the exact positions of the different blocks situated in the society.

Plot Dimensions


  • 5 Marla (26”x 50”)
  • 8 Marla (30”x60”)
  • 10 Marla (35”x70”)
  • 1 Kanal (50”x90”)
  • 2 Kanal (75”x120”)


  • 6 Marla (35”x40”)
  • 8 Marla (40”x45”)

Payment plan


Plots for sale in Park View City are available on extremely reasonable payment plans. The payment plan for all plot categories is typically divided into a 20% down payment and the remaining 80% divided into 8 quarterly payments; however, payment can differ based on the block.

People who pay for plots in lump sum receive a 5% reduction on the overall price of the plot.

Park View City Booking Process

The required documents are,

  • Copy of your CNIC
  • Copy of your CNIC of your next to kin
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • The booking amount can be paid in the form of pay order, cash or a direct transfer of cash in the company’s account.
  • The booking starts with a 20% down payment.

Park view city Development status

Several plots have already been given in the initial blocks, particularly Block A, B, and D. Blocks C and H will be available for possession soon. The remaining blocks, E, F, J, K, and Overseas, are all in the works. Furthermore, housing construction in Park View City’s PVC homes has already begun. Boundary walls, road paths, and Main Boulevard are all in the works, and progress is being made quickly. Construction on main commercial structures has already begun. Similarly, the whole network for essential services has been established. 

The establishment of educational and healthcare centers has already begun by some of the city’s biggest brands. Additionally, the development of parks and Masjids has begun. Park View City’s spectrum will be altered by the recent opening of commercial projects.

Free Consultation

    Park View City is located in the heart of Islamabad, near the residence of Pakistan’s current Prime Minister, in the Bani Gala neighborhood.. The developer, Vision Group, is directed by Aleem Khan, who has a strong reputation in Lahore for his prior projects. 

    From a legal standpoint, the developer also has a valid NOC from CDA, indicating that this is a transparent society. At the same time, since the start of this project, prices are up dramatically. As a result, it is apparent that it attracted the curiosity of both dealers and genuine buyers. Furthermore, the payment plan makes it an excellent living option as well as a profitable investment potential.

    The PVC Homes, which are ready to move in homes with all essential facilities on instalments, are one of the finest parts. Which means you make the down payment, move into the property, and instead of paying rent, pay 1 or 2 year instalments, which is incredible.

    In short, it’s a promising idea with a prime neighborhood and a reputable developer who has gone through every aspect and completed all legal requirements prior to advertising. Given all of this, we’d give it a solid 10/10.


    Park View City is a luxurious housing development in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    Park View City is located in Zone IV on Malot Road, adjacent to the Bahria Enclave in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city.

    Vision Group is the developer of this cutting-edge housing society. Aleem Khan, a senior member of the PTI, is a strong supporter of the vision group.

    Park View City is a perfectly legal housing plan with a NOC and CDA approval for design.

    Within society, you can reserve 6 to 8 Marla commercial plots, as well as 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 to 2 Kanal plots.

    Yes, for the convenience of its investors, society offers a 2-year easy instalment plan.

    The custody of plots inside the society’s constructed blocks is provided to its investors, and the ownership of plots within the remaining blocks will be granted following the balloting.

    The main Boulevard is already under construction, with a 200 ft. The wide road from Kurri Road to the society is being built to create a popular carpeted route through the society’s main gate.

    Park view city is one of the most searched outs and finest housing societies in the vicinity, and it’s a solid investment opportunity for people looking for a quick return on their investment.

    Once the dues are cleared in 1 to 2 days, the organization can issue you a transfer letter.

    Yes, it is a fantastic opportunity for overseas Pakistanis to participate in this community, and they will do so from the comfort of their own homes.

    The plot transfer procedure is unusual in Park View City since it cannot be completed using standard transfer and register procedures. It is given in complete openness through the society’s transfer office.

    Park View City isn’t too expensive when you consider the location, NOC, and luxuries that the society provides to its investors.


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