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TopCity-1 is a significant residential society that offers you a futuristic lifestyle. It’s a city within one city that guarantees to provide you with the best possible living situation. In this sense, TopCity-1 will devote all financial tools, capabilities, plus resources to maintaining the city’s extraordinary growth and focused administration. It’s a residential neighborhood that’s private and secure, with a cutting-edge monitoring system, but it’s also designed to give residents a delightful feeling of freedom in magnificent setting. It’s the idea of a modern residential building with all the amenities of luxury accommodation. Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC), headed by Kunwar Moeez Khan, the company’s chief executive officer, has created a distinctive concept called Top City 1 Islamabad. The project started in 2012 and since then is growing rapidly. Top City 1 was created by Dynast Associates. The Rawalpindi Development Authority, widely known as RDA, has given its approval to TopCity-1. The massive real estate project, which comprises 5906 kanals of land, features a city landscape that blends seamlessly with the spectacular natural features that surrounds it.

Developers & Owners

Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC), managed by Kunwar Moeez Khan, the company’s chief executive officer, Over the last several years, has made a substantial contribution to the real estate sector. Kunwar Moeez Khan is a forward-thinking marketer who, in addition to being a wonderful patriot, places a high value on enhancing people’s level of living. He has also continuously acknowledged and respected his team’s devotion to achieve their objectives as a dynamic leader.

Top City Islamabad, also known as Top City-1, is located at the southern side of Kashmir highway, right at the junction of M-1 and M-2 motorway. Furthermore, it is located at a two minutes drive from the New Islamabad International Airport.

Being located at the Kashmir Highway, Top City-1 provides easy access to many health and educational institutions as well as the main commercial hub of Islamabad, Blue Area. The main city is approachable within 20 minutes

Top City Location

One of TopCity-1’s most appealing aspects is its great position right at the junction of M-1 and M-2 motorway near Kashmir Highway. Being located at the Kashmir Highway, Top City-1 provides easy access to many health and educational institutions as well as the main commercial hub of Islamabad, Blue Area .The main city is easily accessible by Kashmir Highway. TopCity-1 is also about 3 kilometres from from Islamabad International Airport. That signifies citizens will just need 5 minutes to get to the airport via New Islamabad Airport Road. It is also linked by a majestic and exclusive Interchange that forms a loop on Kashmir Highway, enabling residents in TopCity-1 immediate access.

  • It is located on the Srinagar Highway’s southern side.
  • It is at the intersection of the M-1 and M-2 motorways.
  • It is 3 kilometers away from the New Islamabad Airport, and the H, G, and F blocks of Top City are close to the airport’s gates. The nearest is G Block, which the CAA has taken over due to security concerns.

Road access

Top City-1 is easily accessible from the Kashmir Highway, making it ideal for anyone entering or exiting the city. The society is approximately 10 minutes’ drive from Islamabad City and approximately 3 kilometres from the New Islamabad Airport. Currently, under construction, a public transit metro bus service will link TopCity1 via two terminals, while the International CPEC City is just a short distance away from TopCity1.

NOC and Approval

In a society with legal status, investor trust is more likely. Without the permission of the NOC, no society has any value. In a short period of time, Top City was granted NO Objection status. It is a recognized society with NOCs in place for each department:

  • CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)
  • EPD (Environment Protection Department) Punjab
  • ICT (Islamabad Capital Territory)
  • NHA (National Highway Authority)
  • RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) 
  • SNGP (Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited) 

Total Land

Top City 1 is a massive development that covers 5906 Kanal. It has been separated into various blocks by the venture designers, including A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. CAA has taken over Block G of the society due to the risk of being next to the New Islamabad International Airport.

Master Plan

Lush green spaces are surrounded by thoughtfully placed luxury homes and flats, which are all connected by wide, gently curved parkways and readily serviced by a variety of luxurious amenities. Contemporary construction merges seamlessly with existing natural components throughout, complementing the amazing views for which Islamabad and Rawalpindi are known. TopCity-1 is known for its vast sense of openness, landscapes across the lake and green surroundings, and rolling hills.

TopCity-1 is a gated community that is private and safe, with a cutting-edge surveillance system, yet designed to provide a delightful sense of independence among breathtaking surroundings. It’s the epitome of a contemporary home complex, equipped with all the amenities of elegance.

The total area of the Top City is 5906 Kanal that is subdivided up into 8 Block Namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. Society is offering both residential and commercial plots.

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal


TopCity-1 is an initiative that has been in the works ever since beginnings with the intention of providing customers with the best possible solution that will fulfil all of their future demands and fit into your modern lifestyle. This home structure, as per the designers, will be the most stable, exquisite, and gorgeous property a Pakistani could buy. While the quest for luxury and a modern lifestyle has destroyed the globe mercilessly, TopCity-1 is the first modern residential project where luxury and environmentally responsible living are integrated. TopCity-1 is Islamabad’s finest residential development and is unlike anything else.

  • Stunning high-rise residences.
  • A five-star luxury hotel.
  • Modern office buildings in the business district.
  • Excellent educational institutions.
  • Medical and health-care facilities that are well-equipped.
  • A dedicated lake, green spaces, a zoo, and parks are all available.
  • Parking spots that are well-designed.
  • High-end retail stores in an international level shopping center.
  • Community Water bodies 
  •  Sewage Treatment Plant 
  • Uninterrupted Gas Supply 
  • Closeness to the Federal Capital 
  • Procurement of NOC Document 
  • Superlative Design and Architecture


  • The Jamia Masjid
  • Green Areas
  • Graveyards
  • Smart Health Care
  • Security Surveillance
  • Institutional Zone
  • Recreational

Why us?

Top City Islamabad is a unique housing society that offers a significant lifestyle and amenities to its residents, allowing them to live their better future. The developers hope to build an innovative housing community in Islamabad with this project, which would comprise, among other things, residences and industrial sites, residential villas, and apartment complexes. The housing project is a great location for building your ideal property, and once you’ve acquired possession, you’ll be able to start construction right away. Residents will enjoy a comfortable and prosperous living in one of the City’s most renowned locales due to all of the cutting-edge features and amenities featured in the house development. Furthermore, the ecofriendly surroundings will benefit your children because it is both healthy and safe for them.

Possession of Plots

Undoubtedly, the value of plots in Top City Islamabad has fluctuated a lot during the last ten years. Residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, as well as commercial properties of 5 Marla, are available from the housing scheme. The key retail area of Top City is soon to launch, and larger commercial plots are available for major developments.

The owners of the 1 Kanal residential properties in the housing society’s B block have been given possession. The remaining blocks of the residential project, blocks A, C, D, E, H, and F, will, on the other hand, be given possession as soon as the accelerated development is completed.

Payment Plan

Top City’s rates are reasonable and accessible to all. 5 Marla plots in the housing society are preferred by investors since they are the cheapest to trade and vary in price from PKR 55 lakh to PKR 60 lakh.

In TopCity-1, a 10 Marla plot costs around PKR 70 lakh to PKR 90 lakh, while a 1 Kanal plot costs around PKR 90 lakh to 1.5 core. This housing society’s pricing are equivalent to those of Park View City, another possible real estate development in Islamabad’s CDA zone.

How to Book a Plot in Top City Islamabad? 

Following documents are required to book a plot:

  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Applicant
  • 2 Photos of Applicant
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Nominee


At the Top City 1 site, more than 60% of the development work has been completed. Possession of the 1 Kanal residential property in Block B has already begun. Development activity is visible at a rapid pace in Blocks A, C, D, E, F, and H. Some houses, as well as road infrastructure, are now being built. Top City-1’s central commercial sector is about to open, with larger commercial plots available for major developments. Magnus Mall is one of the megaprojects that has been launched.

Free Consultation

    Top City, also known as Top City 1 in the real estate market, is the same society. This is a great society with easy access to both the airport and the Kashmir Highway, and it is one of the best-located societies that can be seen from the airport. Dynast Associates owns and manages the society, which has a minimum infrastructure.

    This society is without doubt the finest positioned society near the airport in terms of location. Prices, which were formerly extremely volatile, have now steadied, and investors appear to faith in the society’s bright future. The majority of the work has already been completed. Some residences have already been erected, while others are in the process of being built. This is also a safe investment from a legal standpoint. Considering all of these variables, we would give it a 7/10 rating, indicating that it is an excellent alternative if you can afford to pay a lump sum price.


    Top City Islamabad is owned by Kunwar Moeez Khan.

    On the Srinagar Highway, it is close the New Islamabad International Airport.

    Yes, the administration has installed underground electric, water, and gas utilities.

    Yes, the RDA has given their approval.

    The following are the plot sizes that are available:

    5 Marla is (25 x 50)

    10 Marla (35 x 65)

    1 Kanal (50×90)

    2 Kanal (75×120) 

    The eight-phase instalment plan costs PKR 62500 for a 5-Marla instalment and PKR 112,500 for a 10-Marla payment.

    The New Islamabad International Airport is 3 kilometers distant.

    Hospitals and clinics do exist in our society.

    Yes, it certainly will be. The developers wanted to protect the natural environment both outside and inside the civilization.

    Yes, the housing development would include schools and colleges.



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